Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Brief review of Attiks graphic styling

Who created it: Attik
Why?: to give the game a front cover, and an interesting look. To intice the target audience to buy it.
What informed its creation: The game needed a front cover. The nature of the game would have informed the ideas and graphic styling. The game is a violent one, and the graphics portray this.
Where was it seen: Shop shelves, posters, tv adverts, magazines, internet
Typographically and illustratively lead artwork.
Colour Palate: greys, blacks, metallic colours
Graphic Styling: Violent, Abstract, Shattered, rough
Tone of voice: Strong, Formal, Violent
Has the designer had a lot of coverage: hell yes.

Semiotics and Paradigms

What is currently being used in this image?
- They have used Coca-Colas brand colours (red)
- They have included an iconic symbol, the coke bottle symbol
- They have used a vector style
- They have included Coca-Colas famous typography which is known throughout the world

What is Attiks brand perception

The targeted consumers see Attiks work on a variety of different media (e.g. Tv, Web, Print, Broadcast e.t.c). The consumers understand their work because Attik are good problem solvers. The consumers could gain a relationship with Attik by being a client themselfs and giving them a brief.

What is Attiks brand promise?

"Design anything and everything to the client needs. Solve creative problems through every channel that makes sense, and some that don't".

Their work reflects this promise. Their work is very successful and has earned them design awards and a large client list.

USP of a competitor of Attik

Competitor: Pentagram
USP of Pentagram:
Pentagram has been established a lot longer than Attik, which makes it more prestigous. Pentagram have won many top design awards. Pentagram also work in architecture. Lastly they also have a good client list

Unique Selling Point of service

USP of Attik?
Attik create among every media imaginable. Where most other design firms are sometimes limited to what they can produce. Attik have the best, most passionate creative problem solvers out there. Attik partner with clients and get inside their business to create brilliant solutions. Another usp is that they have a successful client list.

What product/service does my chosen design company provide?

Design Firm: The Attik
Service: create pretty much everything in the world of creative communication. Attik bring your brand to life. Attik solve your creative communication problems.


Who is my client for a piece of info graphics on breathing?
Graphic Design company

Monday, 23 March 2009

Influential Research

Pete Golibersuch - Spent time Attik in SF/NYC -

Digital Design Collective

Justin M. Maller

Pete Harrison

Shiny Binary - Influential Research

need i say any more? i love his work, i find it very influential.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mood Board

all images on here have been sourced throughout this blog, in older posts. Most are from google images.

What relationship does my target audience have with the piece of info graphics?

Nurses and Doctors would have first started a relationship with a piece of info graphics displaying how much air we breathe in a lifetime when they were training/learning for the job.

A teacher might also have seen it whilst learning for the job, however they might have first seen if when it had been introduced to their syllabus they have to teach.

Pupils/students would have first seen it when their teacher showed it to them, or by researching (books/internet).

The audience interacts with the product by reading it, and taking in information.
I would imagine the piece would be found in schools, colleges, libraries, and in doctor’s surgeries/hospitals.

Target Audience: What are their interests?

Its important to know what interests your target audience have. If all your audience is into golf, they would appreciate a golf themed design..




Method of demographic research

This i show i have been gathering my demographic research. (I hope its the right way...)
First of all i used acorn I downloaded their acorn classifications pdf. This document classes every type of hierarchy in the country from wealthy achievers to hard pressed. It categorizes people. So therefore what i had to do is find out the average income for my target audience (doctors, nurses etc) and categorize them. Once i knew what categories they are in i could search the site for the demographic details on everyone one who's in that category. - Acorns classifications
Teachers income - - £28 931 OR £31 178 in London Area.
Nurses Income - - £28,400
Doctors Income - - between £34,584 and £64,632

Target Audience: Where do they live?

Remember i figured out that my target audience was 18 - 25 year old male/female Nurses, teachers, doctors and students.
Where do they live? what kind of houses do they live in? do they live in the towns/cities or villages?
I have used a website called Acorn to help me research demographic details about my target audience.


Doctors and teachers have quite a large income, so they would probably live in a reasonably big house or apartment. Doctors need to live near where they practise, so either a town or city.


Teachers could live in cities, towns or villages, wherever there school is.


Its hard to pinpoint the demographic details of students because they have such low incomes, however any students between 18 - 25 would be living in student accommodation near their university, so that brings it down to towns and cities.

Target Audience: Who is it?

Who would own/read/enjoy a piece of information graphics that communicates: the average human breathes 370,00 cubic metres of air in their lifetime?

Sex: Male and female, both genders would read this.
Age: The brief says to design this for 18 - 25 year olds. However personally i think over 25's and maybe 16 - 18 year olds would read this, you will understand why later in this post.

Relationship Status: N/A All types of people, gay, straight, married, married with children... you cant pin point this, where as you could for a gay bar poster (obviously it would be targeted at gays)

Personally i think Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and students would be interested in/ or read/own this piece of information graphics because:
Doctors: The statistic is based upon health. I could see this piece of info graphics displayed in a hospital or health practice.
Nurses: For the same reason as above.
Teachers: This kind of statistic could be taught in science lessons, therefore would be useful to teach children, kids prefer learning from pictures.
Students: This comes from the teachers, if the teachers own this, they will be teaching it to their student.

Summary of my information graphics brief

“There are many things in life we undertake without giving a second thought to how they are conceived”.
Presenting information as a diagrammatic thought…
Final outcome: A2 print poster
A3 Sketchbook of research and development.
Chosen theme: The typical person breathes 370,000 cubic metres of air in their lifetime.
I have to clearly demonstrate this information as a visual form.

I have to clearly demonstrate use of creative thinking as a tool for the generation, development and implementation of concepts in graphic design.

I must research information design in order to understand how to translate my chosen theme into graphics so my target audience (18 – 25) can understand

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Gathering Imagery for idea generation: The average person breathes 370,00 cubic meters are in their lifetime

Before i come up with ideas i need to find imagery for each key word in the statistic.
Key words:
Average Person
370,00 cubic meters

Average Person Imagery

Link to image
Toilet sign

The average person sign sort of communicates average person as their is a group of people in the image...
Link to image
The toilet sign sort of communicates average person, however average means young, old, children, black, white etc

Breathing Imagery

Link to image
This image Shows breathing really well, it uses blue arrows to show air going into the nose

Link to image

The nose is what we use to breathe


Kirby Inhaling, notice the bubble things...

Link to image

Link to image

Link to image

Cubic meters

Link to image

link to image
Gas gauges are used to measure cubic meters of gasses, so i could use this in my info graphics


link to image

link to image

link to image

Link to image

link to image

Link to image

link to image

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Graphics I LIKE that remind me of my info graphics research, OR COULD be modified to show information..

Right the next stage in my research is to gather images i like, that could be modified to show information. What graphics do i like?
- 3d digital abstract art
- fractal abstract art
- vector abstract art
- grunge
- typography
- smoke art
- lens flare art
- game concept art
and So many more.

Here are some examples of gfx i like that could be modified to show information:

This abstract glowing mushroom image COULD be modified to show the different sizes that a certain type of mushroom grow to throughout its lifetime....

The green one (2nd from the top) could be modified to show the sizes of populations in different countries...
the bottom one could be modified to show the lengths of various motorways in england...

This could be modified to show someones family tree

If the spheres were different sizes, this could be used to show how big 3 types of tomatoes grow...

Various other images that have reminded me of information graphics in some way shape or form:

Grid Planes

Grid Planes