Sunday, 22 March 2009

Target Audience: Where do they live?

Remember i figured out that my target audience was 18 - 25 year old male/female Nurses, teachers, doctors and students.
Where do they live? what kind of houses do they live in? do they live in the towns/cities or villages?
I have used a website called Acorn to help me research demographic details about my target audience.


Doctors and teachers have quite a large income, so they would probably live in a reasonably big house or apartment. Doctors need to live near where they practise, so either a town or city.


Teachers could live in cities, towns or villages, wherever there school is.


Its hard to pinpoint the demographic details of students because they have such low incomes, however any students between 18 - 25 would be living in student accommodation near their university, so that brings it down to towns and cities.

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