Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Another tasty piece of Info Design by Felix Heinen
Designer: Felix Heinen
Quote from his website about the project:
"»Data visualisation of a social network«
March 2007

My final year project in information design. Two big (200cm x 90cm, 80 x 36 inch) posters show the variety and attitudes of members from an internet community like MySpace.

On the first poster you can see the functions used, as well as additional information such as age, educational background, family status, gender and how often they are logged in. So, all demographic data which are available from every member's profile.

The second poster gives you an overview of the geographic position, based on a map. You can see where the members are distributed. The aim was to give the management the opportunity to know much more about the members than would have been possible with a simple scan of their database only.

I also transferred my design into a Flash-based computer program to navigate through all data, and wrote a fifty-page manual about my research.

This project was published on several well known websites like »Computerlove«, »Fontblog«, »Design Observer« and »Basic Thinking«. Furthermore there was a article in the German graphic design magazine »Page« and also distinguished with the »Tweenwork-Award 2007«. Furthermore I'm semifinalist at the »2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards« and the project was published in a few international design books.

Check out my homepage for further updates!"

I really like this piece. Im really into digital abstract design/art and as you can see by the screen grabs it looks really nice and abstract. Obviously its not abstract, its all based on statistical info, but i think as a piece of graphic design, it looks really nice, Well done Felix, check out his website, his works amazing.

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  1. Hi Rob, Thanks for featuring my work. I'm glad you like it. Keep posting about Information Design. Cheers