Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hey folks, First blog post!
right first off i want to post a link to an online graphics community i am part of. I helped set it up back in 2005 with some online friends. Its been a big influence on me, for one i get to see loads of different pieces of work daily, which means i keep on top of current graphic trends, and two its given me a chance to flourish in the graphics world. I have learned so much from here, and i want to get the word out so it can do the same for you.
What is all about?
its about teaching people the basics of many programs, like photoshop, flash, illustrator and some 3d software like cinema 4d. There are hundreds of free tutorials, some of which are made by the staff, and me. There are hundreds of free digital resources like photoshop brushes, abstract render packs, wallpaper packs and loads more. There are also weekly, monthly graphic competitions. There are places to showcase your work and get constructive criticism.
So come over, sign up, its free! introduce yourself, and start posting up some of your work!

I use a lot of work from gfxskool in research projects. I see so many pieces everyday, that there is always relevent work i can use as research in my projects. 

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