Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What is Information Graphics?

Info Graphics are visual representations of information, data and knowledge. Info graphics are a great way to portray info quickly and clearly. You may have heard people say things are easier to understand when you have pictures to look at? info graphics is based on this concept. For example say if you are building a lego model, if you have illustrated instructions you are going to find it easier to build. Plus reading illustrations is more appealing than reading a load of writing. Another good example is maps. Its easier to know where your going if you read a map (maps are visuals) than some worded directions. 
A few types of info graphics:
- website maps
- "How To" Instructions
- Charts e.g. bar charts, pie charts, line charts
- Maps
- Signage
- Web icons
- Exploded view diagrams

A few examples of info graphics:
- Airplane safety cards
- Google earth maps
- Illustrated instruction manuals
- Mens/Womens toilet symbol
- Geographical seismograph 
- Radars
- Tutorials

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